PACE Center, Florida

“It is very easy to view the entire organizational budget (rolled-up), then quickly drill-down to a lower level to view or edit an individual center’s budget.”

John Salley, Business Analyst, PACE Center for Girls, Jacksonville, FL

Case Study: PACE

PACE provides girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training and advocacy. Their 19 Centers throughout Florida serve over 2,000 girls each year and PACE has changed the life trajectory of over 37,000 girls since its inception in 1985. PACE began as a community response to the realization that girls involved with the justice system were either being placed in programs designed for boys or placed further into the system for their own protection. There were no effective alternatives. Guided by the research-based recommendations which called for gender responsive programming, PACE created a new alternative to institutionalization or incarceration for girls.

Non-profit academic and social services organization serving

2,000 girls annually

Financial System

Blackbaud Financial Edge

Annual Operating Budget

$30 Million

Number of Employees


Business Need

PACE was looking to update is outdated and time-consuming budgeting process.

Budget Solution

Questica’s non-profit budgeting solution, PowerPlan,  provided them with a fully integrated system that was easy-to-use and affordable for their 30 users of the system.

Business Benefits

  • Significantly shortened budget cycle
  • Reduced effort to construct budget and produce management reports
  • Budgets can now be accessed by center managers from any location.
  • Provided PACE staff with training and tools to manage budgets efficiently and accurately.
  • Allow end-users to see and/or edit only the funds or accounts they need thanks to flexible security settings.
  • Improved use of personnel costs
  • Minimal effort required to train managers on budgeting and reporting functionality
  • System was implemented on time and on budget

Business Challenge

Prior to implementing PowerPlan, Questica’s non-profit budgeting solution, the budgeting process was a long and drawn out process. Everything was done on spreadsheets and managers across the organizations had to be sent reports individually at each month end to review their results. The budget spreadsheets had to be manually combined to get organization totals. This was a very time-consuming process with files and emails going back and forth between the budget office and the managers.



PowerPlan was implemented over an eight-week span including a one week onsite for Administrator training.



The process started with data gathering and understanding PACE’s budgeting process. Organizational hierarchies, existing budget templates, report formats, employee budget data and all other requirements were gathered. Our budgeting and business experts then worked with that information to build out the initial model. Review sessions were held along the way to share with the configuration in process and make sure everything aligned with the customer’s expectations.


Once the system was configured, training sessions were planned. First, sessions were completed for system administrators. These are the system users responsible for overseeing the budget process and behind the scenes work such as user setup, system setting changes and populating data. The sessions covered budgeting and reporting processes along with the administrative elements. Practical application is key for any training process and thus training is always done on a configured copy of the customer’s model.


Following the administrator training sessions, the cost center managers responsible for their budgets were trained on budget input and reporting by PACE’s budget system administrator. Some follow up training was supplied subsequent to the first completed budget season.



The project was completed on time and on budget. The customer was very happy with the level of service they received, during the implementation and training process, as well as the support they have received since going live. John Salley indicated that we have added value to PACE Center for Girls as follows:



No more emailing manual spreadsheets to/from center managers. Center managers can access their budgets from anywhere they have an internet connection.



Data Interface to and from our accounting system. We import actuals into our budgeting system (for reporting purposes and forecasting) and export the budget data to our accounting system. The import/export functionality is intuitive and the transferred data is accurate.


Flexible security

We can set security at a very granular level. We can lock down security at the account code or fund/entity level very easily. We’re able to allow end-users to see and/or edit only the funds or accounts which they need.


Payroll functionality

I like how we’re able to setup and easily modify payroll expenses from year to year. This allows us to quickly update the employer payroll related expenses such as Health and Dental Insurance, Payroll Taxes, Worker’s Comp, etc. I also like how you can easily schedule and process multiple raises simultaneously.


Thanks to more efficient budgeting, PACE is brilliant.