Better, faster and easier budgeting

calendar-icon  July 7, 2020

Government Budgeting Solutions

Alex Miggiani, Solutions Engineer

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Tina Hernandez

Build trust by being transparent and accountable

calendar-icon  July 9, 2020

Introduction to Questica OpenBook

Tina Hernadez, Director, Sales Support

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Questica Budget eTutor Tuesday – Performance

calendar-icon  July 14, 2020

Questica Budget Customer Webinar

Jana El Sarraj, Project Manager, Questica

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Better budgeting that’s easy and accurate

calendar-icon  July 21, 2020

Non-profit Budgeting Solutions

Brian Walker, Director, Non-profit

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Budget Process Improvement & Change Management – Questica Consulting Webinar

calendar-icon  July 22, 2020

Public Sector Budgeting Solutions

Jana El Sarraj, Implementation Project Manager, Questica Doug Fletcher, Software Project Manager, Questica Brett D’Amelio, Project Manager, Questica Chris Gulka, PMP, Project Manager, Questica James McCall, Vice-President, Professional Services

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Top of the class budgeting

calendar-icon  July 23, 2020

Higher Education Budgeting Solutions

Bob Courtland, Solutions Engineer

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5 Biggest Challenges in Public Sector Budgeting Today – and How to Solve Them

calendar-icon  July 29, 2020

Public Sector Budgeting Solutions

Charlie Francis, Senior Consultant

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Budgeting efficiently is elementary

calendar-icon  July 30, 2020

K-12 School Budgeting Solutions

Bob Courtland, Solutions Engineer

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