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7 Ways to Drive Better Efficiencies AND Outcomes with Questica Budget 2021

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It’s time to empower your organization by investing in a centralized organization-wide budgeting system, paving the way for better business decisions. At Questica, our mission is simple: Empower everyone in the public sector to work together in a secure environment to take control of their budget and make informed decisions.  


Here’s the latest of what Questica Budget has to offer to help governments, educational institutions, non-profits, and more improve the way the way they budget:


1. A Great New Interface 

You can now create and manage the year’s operating, personnel, and capital budgets with more accuracy and efficiency from an easy-to-use web-based interface. 


2. Integrate Your Budget Calendar  

Create and display your budget calendar to keep track of key dates, all in the same place.  


3. Never Miss a Deadline  

Set up notifications that integrate with your budget calendar and assign to-dos and deadlines to improve collaboration and help everyone stay on task.  


4. Navigate Using Global Search  

Budgets are massive and complex datasets. Simply type in what you’re looking for and get there fast. 


5. Capture the Conversations Involved in Decision-Making 

Create friction-free collaboration with “social budgeting” that allows users to receive notifications and emails when tagged in a discussion on a project, much like you would your favorite social media platform.  


6.The Best Data Grid in the Industry  

Slice and dice your data and get your questions answered in Questica’s data grid without having to run a report or export to spreadsheets.  


7. Ensure Only the Right People Are Viewing Your Budget Data  

Questica Budget 2021 makes it easier to assign roles and permissions for users so that only the right staff can view any potentially sensitive data. 


We aim to enable public sector organizations harness collaborative, transparent, and efficient budgeting with Questica’s budgeting solutions.  


Learn how you can make your budgeting better, faster, and easier with Questica – Schedule a demo with us today!