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Be open, transparent and accountable with Questica’s new OpenBook data visualization tool

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With today’s 24/7 news media and unprecedented access to the Internet and social media, citizens expect easy access to information about public sector organizations. This appetite to engage means whether you are a local, state or provincial government; college, university or school board; hospital or healthcare provider; charity or association, finding a way to effectively share your data can be a challenge.


So how can you do a better job telling your organization’s story? Or get your key stakeholders involved by giving them access to up-to-date facts and figures?


Questica, a leader in public sector budgeting and performance solutions recently introduced OpenBook, a new transparency and data visualization tool that enables organizations to share and communicate their financial and other data with their key stakeholders, when and where they need to.

“Several customers mentioned that they were looking for a way to easily share financial data with a wide variety of audiences,” said Craig Ross, Vice-President, Business Development and Sales at Questica Inc. “They wanted the ability to have informed discussions with internal partners like council and board members, senior executives, faculty and staff. And at the same time connect with constituents, donors, members, patients, students and the media. We developed OpenBook to address their need to have better conversations that in turn create better budgets.”


Questica OpenBook allows organizations to:

  • Import any data
  • Display data in interactive charts, tables, bars and graphs
  • Access through any platform, including smartphones
  • Share data through all social platforms
  • Embed charts on any website


Plus, OpenBook can be:

  • Set-up in minutes and is intuitive to use
  • Easily mastered with online training videos and guided tours
  • Seamlessly connected with Questica Budget


Beyond revealing financials like how tax dollars are spent, OpenBook can also illustrate non-financial data. Organizations can share data around the plans, projects and issues that matter most to their stakeholders. They can use OpenBook to communicate activities such as strategic plans, fundraising programs and community initiatives.


Demo Questica OpenBook


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