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City of Avondale, Arizona selects Questica Budget


Located near Phoenix, Arizona, the City of Avondale is part of Maricopa County. Once a sparsely populated farmland, the City has transformed into a fast-growing community that is focused on “Aspiring, Achieving and Accelerating.” With a population of over 84,000 residents, Avondale takes pride in its open spaces and recreational amenities and strives to attract quality businesses and employers to the area.


Working with a budget of $244 million, the City had out-grown its in-house budget system. The process was cumbersome, inefficient and difficult to maintain. By purchasing Questica Budget’s Operating, Capital and Salaries modules, the City can now prepare and manage its budget with greater accuracy and efficiency. Questica’s OpenBook data visualization software will assist the City with increasing transparency and citizen engagement by transforming the budget data into easy-to-read interactive charts and tables. Lastly, Questica Budget integrates seamlessly with Questica’s Budget Book powered by CaseWare, and provides the City with a reporting tool to create, collaborate and publish an awards compliant Budget Book.


Questica Budget has everything in one place to develop, track, monitor and adjust the budget, plus generate custom reports and create what-if scenarios. The City of Avondale welcomes a more streamlined, innovative and dynamic system offered through Questica.