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City of Temecula, CA to adopt Questica Budget


Located 58 miles north of San Diego, and within 3,000 acres of picturesque wine country, the City of Temecula has a population of 113,000 residents. This charming area is well known for its wineries, farmers markets, artisanal products, golf courses and resorts.


Managing a budget of approximately $153 million, the City of Temecula found using Excel spreadsheets restricted their ability to work together on their budget. By choosing Questica Budget’s Operating, Capital and Salaries modules to integrate with their Eden financial system, the City will now use a powerful, multi-user system to successfully collaborate on the budget, centralize their budget entry and allow departments to access their own reports. In addition, the City was seeking a formal budget amendment approval process which is now possible through Questica Budget’s change request feature.