How to create and track effective KPI metrics for healthcare


KPI, or Key Performance Indicators is a measurable value that helps an organization determine how well they are meeting set goals. KPIs are an effective way for organizations to plan and budget their finances. KPIs are used across many different fields, but today we want to look at effective KPI metrics for healthcare. You may be wondering: how exactly does one determine which KPI to use? Furthermore, what steps should you take to track your chosen KPI? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, here are some answers straight from the experts.


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Finding and monitoring effective KPI metrics for healthcare

Determining your KPI

To determine which KPI to track, you should first ask yourself what goal your healthcare organization is trying to accomplish. For our purposes today, let’s say that you’re trying to improve your hospital’s efficiency. In that case, some good KPIs to monitor might include how long patients have to wait before treatment, or the ratio of staff to patients during busy shift times. Alternatively, let’s imagine that a hospital wants to lower the amount of time spent on insurance paperwork. They would want to monitor the rate of insurance claims denials and compare it to how many insurance claims are filed in a set period of time. No matter what your goal is, there is the right KPI to match with it. For more ideas, there are resources on the internet, including healthcare KPI list examples.


How to track your KPI

Once you’ve determined which KPI(s) to use, there’s the matter of measuring and tracking them. What it basically comes down to is determining how long is appropriate to measure the KPI. It could be a unbroken span of a few months, or numerous repeated times throughout the year. Additionally, you also want to create the measuring values. It’s no good accumulating so much data if you’re unable to interpret it properly.


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