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Why you should combine financial planning software with ERP software for higher education


Enterprise Resource Planning software, or ERP, is vital to how many organizations operate in 2018. It’s a powerful tool that offers a lot of necessary advantages, no matter the field your organization is in. There are options for enterprise resource planning software for higher education as well. What’s even better is when your budgeting software integrates with your ERP software for a more powerful, cohesive strategy. Here are some great ways your financial planning software and ERP software can work together to benefit your college or university.


Whether you’re looking for advice on enterprise resource planning software for higher education or how to best utilize your financial planning software, turn to Questica for quick and helpful answers. Since 1998, Questica has been working to make handling finances easier and better for higher education, public-sector, and more. We manage over $63 billion in annual public sector and non-profit budgets, and we want to help you. Please visit our website for more information and consider signing up for one of our free webinars.


Why you should integrate financial software with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for higher education


Already existing synergy

The best thing about Questica financial planning software is that it already synergizes with the ERP your college or university is using (since we’ve already interaged with over 25 different financial systems). Our software can integrate with your human resources or student information systems, so you don’t need to worry about a massive network overhaul. The goal of implementing new software should be to make processes easier, not more complex.


ERP software provides easier means to get the data for your budget

ERP software manages data flow within the various modules of an organization, including higher education However, it’s too often the case that their budgeting modules aren’t quite the right fit for higher education needs. Fortunately, they do still allow easier management for the data your financial software requires. With a software that works alongside your system, it’s very for data to be shared from one module to another. It also makes it easier to do forecasts or projections, along with better managing human resources as well.


Easier than ever to manage and project finances

Because an ERP system makes it easy to have all your financial matters in one place. With an ERP system streamlining all the processes for your organization, you’ll be able to handle staff planning and salary benefits much more quickly. Also, it helps with forecasting, so you can draft multiple budget scenarios, and understand how funding changes and enrollements will impact your school. Plus, preparing financial statements and projections is easier as well, providing a complete picture of your school’s financials.


Your ERP software works better with Questica Budget

With the combination of ERP and Questica’s budgeting preparation and management software, you can create effective ERP solutions for universities and colleges large and small. Questica performance software boasts years of a proven track record for higher education institutions. Our software assists with staff planning and salary modules, and we integrate with your existing budgeting methods. We allow for flexible budgeting “what if” scenarios that help you prepare for any change in your workforce.

We are a passionate team of technology experts and business specialists with decades of collective experience managing finances and budgeting software, and we want to help you! To learn more about how Questica’s software can help you, download a whitepaper or take a product tour.