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Jasper County, Texas Streamlines Budgeting Operations with Questica Solutions


Questica Inc., the leading provider of public sector budgeting solutions, today announced that Jasper County, TX is implementing Questica solutions to support its immediate and future budgeting processes. Questica is a subsidiary of GTY Technology Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: GTYH) (“GTY”), a leading provider of cloud solutions for the public sector.


With a budget of $25M, Jasper County sought to modernize its financial processes by introducing new technology that would streamline workflow operations. Leadership in the county wanted a solution that would not only increase the accuracy and security around personnel and budgeting but also automate budgeting functions to save staff time and money.


Jasper County selected cloud-based budgeting software from Questica to help introduce automated processes that will streamline budgeting and auditing, increase administrative controls, and support comprehensive data collection.


“This new solution from Questica will help us to move away from spreadsheets, to be more strategic and innovative through our entire budgeting operations,” said Mellissa Smith, County Auditor of Jasper County. “We are confident that introducing this technology will provide the same benefit to Jasper County as it has to other Texan counties.”


“We are excited to see the results that local governments in Texas are achieving with Questica.” said Craig Ross, President and Chief Executive Officer, Questica. “As they have been for local governments around the country, our Operating and Personnel modules will be transformative to the county’s operations, empowering growth and freeing personnel to focus on more strategic tasks..