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Municipality of Bluewater, Ontario selects Questica Budget


The Municipality of Bluewater, Ontario (“Bluewater”) is located on the shores of Lake Huron and is known for its rich agricultural land, beautiful beaches and marinas, historic villages and is home to over 7,200 residents. Bluewater’s strategic plan is committed to “Building One Community” through initiatives that are proactive, inclusive, responsive, respectful, and forward-looking.


To deliver on their strategic plan, Bluewater needed to accelerate their manual budgeting process and was looking for a time-saving budgeting solution that would work seamlessly with their Great Plains Central Square financial system. With the capabilities of Questica Budget, the Municipality has automated tasks for budget preparation that reduces the need for manual data entry and organizing error-prone spreadsheets. The easy-to-use cloud platform houses budget data in one place where staff can access robust reporting features to fulfill information requests quickly. Bluewater also needed to increase transparency and provide citizens with a better understanding of the budgeting decisions. Questica OpenBook is a data transparency tool that can produce engaging charts and graphs that citizens can view 24/7 online.


The Municipality of Bluewater’s Great Plains Central Square financial system integrates seamlessly with Questica Budget and improves their budgeting process for greater efficiency.