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Single tenant vs. multi-tenant: Navigate the cloud with Questica

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If your public sector organization has chosen to implement a cloud-based budgeting solution, the next step is deciding on the right architecture to support your new software. A lot of overwhelming information is available about single tenant and multi-tenant architecture, but it’s clear that both cloud environments have many pros and cons to consider. When IT budgets are tight, the lower cost of a multi-tenant solution may be attractive, especially when the vendor claims their all-purpose solution is future-proof. However, it may help to ask yourself if no organization budgets the same way, how can a one-size-fits-all solution be the best choice?


What is single tenant and multi-tenant architecture?


Cloud-based solutions enable public sector organizations to access applications and data on demand using the internet. Cloud technology is fast and easy to implement, scalable and, in some cases, offers the ability to customize software based on the user’s needs. Organizations using cloud technology often benefit from operational efficiency and cost savings. The architecture that stores the resources required to run the solution from the cloud is either single tenant or multi-tenant.


Single tenant architecture is when a single instance of the software and its supporting infrastructure is provided to a single customer. The customer has access to an independent database and is not required to share the resources that run the software with other customers.


Multi-tenant architecture is when a single instance of the software and its supporting infrastructure is provided to multiple customers. Each customer has access to the same database and shares the resources that run the software with other customers. Despite that, the customer’s data is separated from other customers and remains hidden from view.


One popular analogy for explaining the difference between single tenant and multi-tenant architecture is picturing a street, with the street representing the server. Single tenant architecture would consist of individual buildings side by side on the street, with customers having their own separate building and not having to share resources with any other building. Multi-tenant architecture would look like an apartment building on the street, with customers stacked on top of one another in the same building and drawing resources from the same source.


How Questica offers the best of both worlds


When IT budgets are tight, public sector organizations choosing a budgeting solution may find the lower cost of multi-tenant software attractive. An all-purpose multi-tenant environment can be robust; however, customers are required to share the same application, infrastructure and database. When your organization has a unique business model, complex budgeting process, and sensitive data to protect, does it make sense to use a system that is the same for everyone?


The Questica Budget Suite provides customers flexible single tenant architecture that allows them to improve their current budgeting process. While there may be a cost for the extra secure environment we offer or the customizations that enhance how you use the software, the trade-off is your data and set-up is exactly the way your organization needs to budget successfully.


Additional benefits of Questica’s budgeting and transparency solutions:

  • Single tenant independent architecture for isolating your data from other customers
  • Configurable system with role-based security access
  • A wide range of customization options available
  • Click-of-a-button upgrades or fixes on your own schedule
  • New releases based on customer feedback and suggestions
  • Questica can easily support robust and offsite access to organization data
  • Choose to host locally or within our secure Microsoft Azure environment in your home country

Single tenant architecture and multi-tenant architecture have different advantages to offer public sector organizations choosing to work with cloud solutions. Questica takes the confusion out of choosing between single tenant and multi-tenant with cloud-based budgeting and transparency solutions that offer superior flexibility and functionality.


For a more in-depth understanding of the differences between single tenant and multi-tenant cloud environments, download Questica’s free white paper Choosing the best cloud architecture for public sector budgeting.


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