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Suisun City, CA selects Questica Budget


Suisun City is located in Solano County, California, approximately 45 miles northeast of San Francisco. Established during the 1850s California gold rush, Suisun is a former shipping town that is now a quaint waterfront district. It was home to the county’s first railroad station and visitors can still go for a train ride at the Western Railway Museum. Known as a family-friendly community, Suisun offers its population of over 29,000 citizens a beautiful water-oriented location for living and working.


Looking to move from the labor intensive and manual process of budgeting with spreadsheets, Suisun wanted to find a centralized and collaborative system that could streamline their budgeting process, as well as provide tools for transparency and budget book publishing. After reviewing a number of options, the City was impressed to discover Questica Budget Suite was the more mature and robust solution. With Questica, the City is partnering with a company with over 20 years of experience helping public sector organizations transform their budgeting process. It was important to the Suisun to work with a vendor with proven experience and who understood how the budget has a significant impact on how they run the City and provide services to citizens.


Questica Budget Suite is a powerful, multi-user system for preparing, managing and reporting on the budget that allows Suisun to shift from assembling data to budgeting that allows for deeper analysis and data-driven decision-making. Questica Performance helps the City leverage financial and statistical information to track their goals throughout budget year using programs and scorecards. Questica’s OpenBook data visualization tool will assist the City with increasing transparency and citizen engagement by transforming budget data into easy-to-read interactive charts, tables and graphics with descriptive text. Lastly, Questica Budget integrates seamlessly with Questica’s Budget Book powered by CaseWare providing the City with a reporting tool to publish an awards compliant Budget Book. Implementing Questica Budget Suite will provide seamless integration with their MOMsoftware system for a cohesive process from preparation to budget book publishing.