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Town of Pelham, ON selects Questica Budget Suite


The Town of Pelham, Ontario is located in the Niagara region and includes the communities of Fonthill, Fenwick, North Pelham and Ridgeville with a population of over 17,000 citizens. Primarily an agricultural region, Pelham abounds in farms, fruit orchards and grape vineyards. With a number of conservation sites in the area, including the oldest sugar maple tree in Canada, Pelham is surrounded by a natural environment lovers of golf, hiking and fishing enjoy visiting.


Pelham currently prepares their budget using spreadsheets with data entered manually into their iCity Vadim financial system. The town finds this process less than ideal due to the need to continuously check the spreadsheets to ensure links were working and the risk of errors from manual data entry. The payroll budget is also a tedious process and often confuses managers because of multiple GL account allocations with no easy way to print reports for individual departments or employees. In addition, responding to Council requests for information is difficult because of the limited functionality of the budgeting tools used by the Town.


Choosing Questica Budget Suite alleviates the pain of budgeting with spreadsheets by providing Pelham with a powerful system for preparing their operating, salaries and capital budgets, as well as comprehensive reports for senior leadership and Council. The Town will do more in less time, and will use Questica Performance to monitor KPIs and learn how to optimize their use of finances and resources. Questica Open Book will translate budget data into engaging charts and graphs to increase transparency and provide citizens with a better understanding of the Town’s budgeting decisions. Finally, Budget Book powered by CaseWare will allow Pelham to create and publish an award-worthy budget book that can be shared publicly for greater accountability and to increase awareness of the Town’s accomplishments.


Questica Budget Suite is a complete end-to-end budgeting system for managing the Town of Pelham’s $27 million budget. With improved efficiency and confidence that the budget data they share is accurate and error-free, the Town will transform their processes for future budgeting success.