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Town of Rocky Mountain House, AB to implement Questica Budget


Located in west central Alberta at the confluence of the Clearwater and North Saskatchewan rivers, the Town of Rocky Mountain House is known as the place “Where Adventure Begins”. Historically, the Indigenous Cree and Blackfoot populations traded in the area until the 1800s when two competing trading companies, the Hudson Bay Company and the North West Company, established trading posts on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Explorer David Thompson and his wife, Charlotte Small, used Rocky Mountain House as a starting point as they famously searched for a passage west to the Pacific Ocean.


Today, the Town of Rocky Mountain House has a population of over 6,800 citizens. The Town’s economy is largely driven by the energy, agriculture, and forestry industries. Tourism is a growing sector given the Town’s close proximity to the Kootenay Plains and the scenic Alberta Rockies.


Rocky Mountain House was searching for a Software as a Service (SAAS) solution to manage its $22 million annual budget. It needed more streamlined, accurate budgeting software to replace its cumbersome Excel spreadsheets. Learning that other Alberta municipalities successfully used a Diamond ERP system with Questica Budget, the Town sought to implement Questica in its own operations.


Questica’s cloud-hosted, collaborative system for operating, capital, salaries/position planning and performance measures has fully-featured modules to greatly improve the Town of Rocky Mountain House’s budgeting process. With a fast and easy SaaS deployment, plus automatic updates and the ability to mobilize their workforce, the Town of Rocky Mountain House will be able to efficiently manage its budgets and increase transparency and accountability to citizens.